Dementia Adventure

There are currently around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040. In fact, someone develops dementia every three minutes. It’s estimated that two-thirds of people with dementia are living in the community and are likely to be looked after by an unpaid family caregiver. Dementia touches the lives of so many people and this is just one of the reasons why we’re thrilled to be working with Dementia Adventure this month. 

Dementia Adventure is a brilliant non-profit organisation that aims to enable people living with dementia to get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and keep a sense of adventure in their lives. They offer a range of support services such as dementia skills sessions, supported dementia holidays, short-breaks and outings, training and consultancy for organisations and research. 

Just like Dementia Adventure, we believe that it’s important to think differently about dementia, to focus on the positives of the individual rather than the condition. We’re so proud to be able to support such an amazing charity by donating 25% of sales from each ‘Adventure’ subscription box. 

If you want to know more about Dementia Adventure, what they do and more ways that you can help, be sure to check out their website


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