My Fun Fact

Now here’s a thing, I love model villages!!!

What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

At a time when there were many more opportunities to study art (Glass and Ceramics in my case!), at University, especially for a non academic like me, that is exactly what I went on to do, thanks to an inspiring art teacher who believed in me! I carried on my career in a slightly different direction working for over twenty years in the community with families, children and young people!

They say life is about timing and three years ago, I decided then it was the right time to change my path and set up my little business Pippyb. With a whole load of courage and absolutely no idea of what I was doing, I booked my first stall as ‘Pippyb’ at my local lovely Tynemouth Market and it was there, I started selling my artwork. I remember the first illustration I sold and how it made me feel, it was a real confirmation that I had made the right decision. Without a doubt there is no better place than being alongside fellow market traders and creatives who know the business and who generously share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

A head teacher once said to me “Take your magic with you!” I never forgot what he said and now as Pippyb, I want to create a little magic and pass it on, to all the lovely customers I meet on my way. I am inspired by the kids and young people I have met over the years… brilliant, individual personalities.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

Pippyb has been only been going for three years and when you least expect it, opportunities come along that you just can’t quite believe. A trip to Monaco to work with an amazing family and their kids as Artist in Residence after finding me on Instagram and during this pandemic, I was recently asked to create work with children across Gateshead and create series of original “Take your magic with you!” Artworks for the New Children’s Outpatients Department at the Q&E hospital in Gateshead. A fantastic opportunity that I am very excited about and feel privileged that I have been chosen, as it is everything I feel Pippyb is all about. Ultimately, my favourite place is being on my stall, a place where stories are shared and community is at it’s best! I get to meet amazing people and always come home feeling uplifted if a little exhausted! I am looking forward to, after the year we have had, to getting back to meeting new customers and seeing my lovely regulars and of course making new work. A Market Trader gave me some brilliant simple advice when I first started my venture, he said to me “Just keep going….!”

Small indie business shout out! Please name your fave three small indie businesses.

Tiny Golden Books, Whitley Bay 

A beautiful independent design studio on the North East Coast. As well as making books, they host bookbinding workshops and offer a graphic service for branding, packaging and stationery.

Maria Sears, Newcastle

A designer, my friend and maker of beautiful things, including jewellery, sculptural pieces, linocuts, screen prints and unique designs for greeting cards and personal commissioned gifts.

Katy Pillinger, designer, maker & illustrator

Katy who is based in Cornwall, creates wonderful ‘quirky’ illustrated collection of gifts that are completely unique making them perfect for all occasions and celebrations. ‘Designed with love, humour and plenty of good vibes!’

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