Nichola Cowdery

Seaside Card

Tell us about yourself and a fun fact

Hi I’m Nichola Cowdery. Living with my Beau and raising two gorgeous humans and three of the cutest fur babies. (Actually one of the cutest fur babies my dog! My cats are pretty average :). I’m living my best life in Streatham London, drawing in my front room watching the world go by. I illustrate lots of Children’s Books, Greeting Cards and lots of lovely stuff for retail.

I’m Welsh, which people are always shocked by as apparently I don’t sound it. Until they know. Then they know!

A ‘funny fact’ about me is, I was a trainee accountant. This is by no way fun but it makes me laugh out loud at how ridiculous that is. Especially if you met me!

What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

Ooh! I think I’ve just always been there. I’ve been drawing since I was really little. It was an obvious path for me until my parents got in the way and made me study something academic. More fool them as I was rubbish at that. So when I finally refused to sit my accountancy exams I went to art college. Hoping to be an Art Teacher or a Fine Artist. I really didn’t know what at the time I just knew I needed to be creative. But… I was again nudged into a direction I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in. It was the world of the and Graphic Design was where it was at. So 4 years later I left with a 2.1 and headed to the bright lights of London. Where I finally found my feet in children’s publishing. It was the BEST fun ever and I stayed for over 10 years. I now have to thank my first born for creating such a challenging path for me to get back into the world of Magazines that I quit and started drawing for myself. And here I am today LOVING LIFE!

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

My inspiration really from what’s around me at the time. Working in children’s publishing on tween magazines was an industry that doesn’t stand still. It was constantly evolving to keep up with the trends. So now its just ingrained in me to do the same. I’m a reality TV junky (don’t judge me) Movies, Comedy and of course I have young kids. I think they make up for me being an old timer. They keep me young and hopefully keep me relevant. Although they definitely don’t think I’m relevant. 🙂

What has been your favourite project to work on?

My favourite projects always seem to be the ones I’m working on.

I’m currently working on an amazing project for Mini Mane its not quite finished but it’s super cool.  They are using my illustrations to create packaging for Hair tools for cool kids. I really can’t wait to see them come to life for real.

Small indie businesses shout out! Please name your fave three small indie businesses.

Zoe Spry

Jess Moorhouse

Aimee Stevens

These gals are the BEST – go and check them out.

Two products I’d like to mention…

Quirky Chocolate are using my designs for their chocolate bars! Pretty blown away to see those.

And my latest release book ‘A Caravan Of Camels’ Bonkers name for a bonkers book. This was really fun to illustrate. On Amazon.

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