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Tell us about yourself and a fun fact

Hi I’m Cris and I’m a model maker and illustrator from the North East, I have a degree in Computer Animation. I started my own studio NET00n Creative in 2015 making cake toppers and stationery for weddings part time. I now work full time for myself making and creating models, Illustrations, and artwork for both myself and other businesses.

Fun Fact: I’m a trained chef in Pan Asian food and ran a restaurant in the biggest shopping centre in Europe.

What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

I’ve been fascinated with drawing and sculpture since as far back as I can remember and studied Art throughout my education. After working many years in hospitality whilst in search for a creative job I decided to strike out on my own and work for myself beginning with models for weddings and letting the business progress from then on.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

Everywhere, you never know what will bring a new idea or give inspiration. I really enjoy mixing ideas and concepts to create new works as well as collaborating with other independent businesses on different and varied projects.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

I really enjoyed working on a project with a NorthEast charity in 2020. The project was to create a set of custom models for their staff and volunteers as a thank you for their hard work and dedication though the challenging pandemic year. I found this very rewarding to be included in.

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