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Tell us about yourself and a fun fact…

My name’s Hannah from Bramble Designs and I was born and raised in the North East I was brought up in a small village with not much going on! My mam was never one for sitting inside, so we all trudged the hedgerows for miles (herded by our Border Collie) which helped to instil a deep love for all things nature.

Now a full blown adult not much has really changed apart from the dog isn’t a clever Collie but a rather Stubborn Cockapoo called Bramble, who inspired the name of my creative enterprise and gets me out into the wilderness come rain or shine.

Fun fact:

My other love is history! And to stave of the lockdown madness started a history podcast with my Wife where we explore historic figures from LGBTQ history! @beingbettergays

What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

I have always loved to ‘make things’. Most of the people I was surrounded by growing up were makers in some way, from baking the best cakes, growing gardens filled with flowers or building entire model railways from bits and things (my Grandad had an entire room dedicated to his railway). If the rumour of 10,000 hours to become an expert were true, I should’ve been a “great master” by 12 with the volume of paper that was consumed to draw anything and everything.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

At the moment my work ebbs and flows with the seasons; I’d like to be a bit more planned but I find heading out and discovering a wildflower or bird to photograph to take home, draw and research much more fun!

What has been your favourite project to work on?

I really enjoy wedding based designs! Usually these are just for friends (or for my own wedding!) but there is something so special about being involved in someone’s big day and helping their ideas come to life. I’d love to do more!

Small indie business shout out! Please name your fave three small indie businesses.

So tricky! Lets try for a mix of things!

Salt & Co


Notes of Northumberland

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