Stationery with style

A fabulous subscription box packed full of exclusive stationery. Each month we collaborate with a range of British artists based around one theme to create something utterly unique.


When we gave our artists the brief ‘Autumn’ we had no idea what they’d create but it’s safe to say we’re thrilled with the results and the wonderful talent on show.

Sign up throughout September to receive your Autumn themed box of stationery. Posting date: 7th October 2021.



Sign up for your monthly Stationery Box.



Posted on the 5th working day of each month straight to your door.



Enjoy a fabulous range of themed products including cards, a pin badge, a notebook and/or a notepad and some other exclusive treats.

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Stationery with a heart

Not only do we absolutely love stationery, we are also passionate about collaborating and helping others wherever possible. So each month, we’re donating 25% of all sales to some wonderful British charities.


Since 2017, we have dedicated our professional and personal lives to working with and showcasing the skills of hugely talented artists and creatives.

On Valentine’s Day 2017 we launched our own website under the name For the Love of the North and began this incredible journey. It’s without doubt been the most rewarding and fulfilling thing we’ve ever done. Currently, we reside beneath the iconic white dome of the Spanish City where we get to watch the sun rise and fall over the North Sea. Like many of our fellow northerners, Paul and I have always been such advocates for dismantling the ‘grim up north’ ideology that is so deep-rooted in UK culture and For the Love of the North has been a great starting point. We are thrilled to now have the opportunity to expand our established offer and to work with artists from all over the UK. It’s a very privileged position to be in.